Free Casino Winnings: Wagering Tips for Keeping Your Cash

The promotional offers provided by online casinos are one of the most exciting aspects of betting in cyberspace. Especially since they can mean more funds at your disposal and an even greater chance of exploring your favorite games and of netting a win too.

Hence, it is no surprise that they are a firm favorite among online casino fans, particularly when they get to win on a popular release. However, there are a number of important points worth noting and steps that must be taken to ensure you get to keep your free casino winnings.

We examine what they are on our website and provide wagering tips that will enable you to do so.

Wagering Requirements

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One of the most important conditions associated with any bonus is its playthrough or wagering requirement. This term is defined as the number of times you will need to play through a promotion before you will get to withdraw any winnings associated with it.

In other words, it represents the number by which the bonus in question will be multiplied to provide the amount the online casino will require you to wager before permitting you to access your winnings. For example, a bonus of $300 which comes with a playthrough requirement of x50 will mean you are required to wager $15,000 before you will be able to withdraw any cash you have won betting with it.

A key wagering tip which will enable you to decide if a bonus is right for you or not, is ensuring you take a look at the playthrough requirement attached to it. Selecting promotions that come with low wagering requirements is highly recommended while those which come with high figures are best avoided.

Game Contributions

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Knowing which games to wager on when completing your wagering requirement is also extremely important. This is due to the fact that the degree to which your bets count to completing it depends on the category of games you bet on. Slots often contribute the most; in fact, some casinos set a 100% game contribution for slots.

For example, if the amount you need to place in wagers is $1,000 and you wager $100 on slots at such an establishment, the amount left for you to wager would be: $1,000 - $(100 * 100/100) = $1,000 - $100 = $900

On the other hand, the contribution of certain other games is minimal. Craps and blackjack frequently fall into this category.

For example, certain virtual casinos may set the contribution for craps at 5%. Hence, in such an instance, the amount left to wager through a requirement of $1,000 if $100 is wagered on craps would be: $1,000 - $(100 * 5/100) = $1,000 - $5 = $995

Online casinos always provide information on game weighting or contributions with regards to wagering requirements and another important tip is ensuring you are certain of what the percentages are for each game to ensure you are able to wager the minimum amount possible to fulfill your requirement.

Bonus Expiry Dates

Every bonus comes with an expiry date by which you will need to have wagered with it completely and also fulfilled the terms including its wagering requirement.

This is due to the fact that failing to do so by the specified date will not only result in the bonus itself being canceled but may even result in any winnings you have accrued getting voided as well.

Playing Patterns   no deposit  bonus

Certain online casinos will monitor your use of a bonus to determine if your playing pattern is regular or not. If they deem it to be the latter, they will void your winnings. A key wagering tip here is ascertaining just what such an establishment considers to be an irregular playing pattern and you will be able to find out by examining the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Examples of irregular playing styles may include:

Using your bonus to play on a game with a low weighting (such as craps or blackjack, for example), winning a sum which may be equal to or larger than your stake, and then making the switch to a game with a high weighting (such as slots) with your stake and winnings.

Betting for an extensive period of time while you have an active bonus, such as playing for over two hours, for example.

Terms and Conditions: Their Importance

The points noted above are by no means exhaustive and the terms and conditions which will come with bonuses will vary from one casino to another. As a result, you will need to carefully examine them in order to determine whether you will be capable of meeting them or not once you decide that you are interested in a particular promotional offer.

This step is especially important; should you feel uncertain of being able to adhere to any of the promotion's terms, you may need to forgo the offer.

If you are confident in your ability to meet the terms laid out, you will need to ensure you adhere to them each step of the way and once you have fulfilled them, will be able to look forward to withdrawing your free casino winnings.